Pakistani Begum Nawazish Ali To Host On Indian TV

Begum Nawazish Ali Begum Nawazish Ali, who hosted chat shows in Pakistan, now is set to extend her popularity in India with his show ‘Begum’ (9X) where she will invite a celebrity to engage in discussion.

Not many know that Ali is a bisexual. Ali Saleem (Begum’s original name) presents a picture of demure, feminine beauty with perfectly coiffed hair and impeccable make-up. It is tough to tell that Ali is a transsexual, until she speaks, in husky, manly drawl. She is in Delhi to promote her chat show on channel 9X that airs on 15th December.         

“I interview people from different professions doing interesting things, with an element of fun,” smiles Begum.

Her first interview was with Bollywood actor, John Abraham. “He is such a cutie,” says Ali.

“Every actor wants to reach out to people. Hence, when I was offered the opportunity to present a show here, I was excited. I will try to get guests from different fields so that they reach out to my audiences.”

Begum says that she has interacted with lot of women during his early years have had a strong influence on him.

“I have always been impressed by independent women and want my persona as Begum to instill confidence in women to live the way they want to,” says Ali.

When asked how people relate to Begum as a bisexual in closed country, Ali replies, “People on the roads like food vendors, taxiwalas find Begum Nawazish very amusing. Anything that is fun and entertaining is a welcome addition in their lives.”

Refusing to actually undergo a sex change operation, Ali says, “Begum Nawazish Ali is an extension of me, something I have dreamt of since childhood. The Begum is an expression of me as a woman. I love being Begum! It satisfies my exhibitionist streak in me, since I like to entertain and capture attention.”

Quite a mysterious man, isn’t he? “No no,” Ali added, “I am dubbed as a mystery man by many. But I am not so.”

It takes Ali two and a half hours to get dressed everyday. Ali says, “I’m comfortable the way I am. And I feel like there’s an Anarkali, a Mumtaz Mahal and a Noor Jehan in me.”

When asked about Bollywood offers, Ali says, “There are a few offers but nothing has been finalised. Mahesh Bhatt is a close friend. Pooja (Bhatt) is very keen that we work together, so lets see.”

Right now, her focus is on Indian TV and Ali hopes to interview cricketer MS Dhoni and Abhishek Bachhan.