Pakistan could go the Somalia way, warns Zardari

Asif Ali ZardariLondon, Jan 1 : The co-chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Asif Ali Zardari has warned that Pakistan could go the Somalia way.

"My fears are of Pakistan being totally broken up," The Independent quoted Zardari, as saying.

"Being converted into Somalia. I think that is a great possibility. And, I think that everybody, every intellectual, is not really paying attention to it because they have got their head in the ground, like ostriches," he added.

He blamed the Administration, which he termed as bigger than President Pervez Musharraf, for the assassination of Bhutto, and poured scorn on the government's claim that al-Qaeda was behind the suicide and gun attack.

"I don't think we're as yet a threat to al Qaeda. We weren't in government," he said, adding, "There are definitely some in-house games going on, which either nobody is aware of or are scared to unearth."

He described Pakistan's role in the so-called war on terror as "shadow boxing", and added, "I think this assassination is larger than just these polls. That they didn't want her (Benazir) coming into power because these shadow-boxing games could not go on." (ANI)

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