Pak Army must realise need to flush out militants totally: Clinton

Pak Army must realise need to flush out militants totally: ClintonWashington, Nov. 11 : US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the Pakistan military should acknowledge that it must carry out its offensive against extremists until they are completely flushed out.

“They understand too that you can’t just play Whack-A-Mole. You can’t just knock down the Taliban somewhere and expect you’re done,” The Dawn quoted Clinton, as saying.

She was replying to a question on whether the Pakistan Army should launch an offensive in North Waziristan as well.

Clinton underlined the fact that militants have created a syndicate of interconnected terror groups, so Islamabad should remain vigilant about that threat.

During the interview, Clinton said while Pakistan’s leadership was not aware about Al-Qaeda’s whereabouts, people at the lower level certainly have substantial information about the outlawed organisation.

In a separate interview, she acknowledged that a trust deficit that existed between Washington and Islamabad due to the US’ own commitment towards the bilateral relationship.

“We haven’t always been the most consistent or understanding partner and ally over the course of our relationship. And, we do bear some of the responsibility, frankly, for helping to create the very terrorists that we’re now all threatened by,” Clinton said. (ANI)