P vs NP mathematical problem is successfully solved by an Indian brain

PvsNP-mathematical-problemAn Indian origin Scientist working in HP computers, Vinay Deolalikar claimed that he has successfully solved P vs NP problem. The P vs NP problem has been graded in the list of the world's most difficult problems and a cash price of $1 million dollar is associated with its solution, so if someone proves P vs NP problem practically, he will be honored with a cash price of $ 1 million.

Even though Vinay Deolalikar has solved this P vs NP mystery but many of the scientists have not accepted his way of solving the theory, they want him to solve it practically in the right way.

P vs NP mathematical problem is identified as one of the seven toughest mathematical problems to solve out by Clay Mathematical Institute based in Massachusetts and they have even announced a cash price of $1 million on each solution.

In contrast to the solution provided by Vinay Deolalikar's, top mathematical computing scientists in United States did not agree with his theory and asked him to provide a detailed and logical explanation to the problem.

Few of them also claim that if Vinay can prove its claim right then they promise to pay $ 2 million as a prize.

It is expected that if Vinay comes out convincing the other mathematicians with his solution then he will get a $1 million prize and moreover his discovery or invention will lead his fellow scientists to follow his path to discover more computing technologies.