Oxfam Report says Rich People are among High Polluters
Oxfam Report says Rich People are among High Polluters

A newly released report of Oxfam showed the richest one-tenth in the world could be blamed for 50% of all carbon emissions. The lifestyle choices of the world’s 10% richest population produce about 11 times higher CO2 than poor people around the globe, the report said.

The poorest half of the world, which includes about 3.5 billion individuals, produces just 10% of all carbon dioxide emissions. But still, they are mostly affected by the climate change. They are experiencing deadly natural disasters like drought and flooding, according to the report.

The Oxfam report also found that 1% of richest population uses about 175 times more carbon that people from bottom 10%. Approximately 600 million individuals in China, who are in poorest half of the population of the country, produce just 30% total carbon emissions of the richest 10% population in the United States, the report explained.

The report, which has been released when world leaders are in Paris for a climate change conference, said about two-third global carbon emissions are due to individual consumption. The world’s richest people own the most gas guzzling vehicles and larger homes, and consequently are the reason of more pollution, as per the report. The remaining amount is due to consumption by governments, investments and international transport.

As per Oxfam, Paris summit’s focus should be on the richest countries. “While emissions are rising fastest in developing countries, much of this is for the production of goods consumed in other countries”, the report said.

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