Oracle accuses Google of stealing technology in court

Oracle accuses Google of stealing technology in courtOracle is accusing fellow Silicon Valley giant of knowingly stealing its technology, which is now used in the ever growing Android platform for tablet computers and smartphones.

In a trail that began on Monday, Oracle lawyer Michael Jacobs claimed in the opening phase of the trail, which involved massively complex details about intellectual property and technology, that he is confident of proving that Google's top executives knew that they were stealing some other company's technology.

"We will prove to you from beginning to end, that Google knew it was using someone else's property," Jacobs said.

The legal representatives of Google present their counter opening statements on Tuesday in front of the jury in a San Francisco federal court. The trail is mainly based on Oracle's claims that the open source Android software infringes on the patents and copyrights of Java.

The Java programming technology was created by Sun Microsystems about two decades earlier. The technology was transferred to Oracle as part of its takeover of Sun. It acquired the rights to Java when it bought Sun Microsystems for $7.3 billion in January 2010.

Google has repeatedly refutes these allegations since the lawsuit was filed by the company seven months ago.

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