Opera mini – customized version of Opera browser in Vodafone

Opera mini – customized version of Opera browser in VodafoneIn an effort to lure the Indian users, a customized version of the browser has been released by the Opera browser and Vodafone.

The mini browser is designed to run on low-end, low cost phones. It is in further addition to the idea that bridges the gap of using cheap handsets and low tariffs with technology and at the same time introduce the concept of fast mobile internet service for the users.

As the company claims, Opera Mini browser employs compression technology to process web pages and saves as much as 90 percent of data. Thus enabling a faster performance when compared to 2G, and also helps the user save money on data charges. Other features boast of power consumption, minimal network capacity-run all aiming to provide enhanced internet experience.

To enjoy the worry free browsing experience - as Vodafone calls it, the "special" preloaded version of Opera Mini would be customized and comes preloaded with 5 mini widgets. Vodafone proclaims that as many as 20 handsets shall be deployed with this MiniBrowser feature.

In further addition to this, Vodafone plans to create an on-screen browsing experience. It is a measure that will guide the user in local language in order to help those with lower levels of literacy.

At present this plan has been rolled out for India, South Africa, Turkey, Tanzania and Egypt and in the near future it is believed to surge in other countries as well.

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