Open Feint games soon to feature on Android

Open Feint games soon to feature on AndroidiOS game developer OpenFeint has pronounced of offering an open-source gaming platform to Google's Android OS.

The recent released data by analytics firm comScore, states that Google's Android OS is said to be the fastest growing mobile operating system. Android has been kept off from the comprehensive gaming platform.

With this move OpenFeint shall offer web developers an option to create games that come with social networking capabilities.

Dating back to 2009 OpenFeint, proclaimed of its offering for Apple's iOS, with 28 million active game players and is supposedly looking to increase the number by integrating itself with Google's Android OS.

Reports claim that Apple developers make use of the platform's open-source software development kit to run OpenFeint into their applications.

As of now OpenFeint is working hands in glove with independent game developers such as Hudson, Digital Chocolate, Pik Pok and Rocket Cat games to create content for the platform.