Online Casino Gains Popularity due to COVID-19 Lockdowns

Online Casino Gains Popularity due to COVID-19 Lockdowns

Online casino has been slowly gaining popularity in the recent years but COVID-19 has offered this segment a major boost as many people were forced to stay indoors due to spread of coronavirus and lockdowns announced by local governments. Around March 15, many regions across the world started announcing strict measures and lockdown to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Majority of sporting events were cancelled and people interested in online betting, were having less of options.

As governments forced closure of restaurants, casinos, malls and bigger supermarkets, the betting community started searching for online betting options. Online casino gained the much needed traction for the sector to go mainstream. The popularity of online casino can be gauged from the action taken by Finnish government recently. As more people started betting online, Finland introduced limit of Euro 500 on Online Gambling Loss.

Online casino has been gaining popularity in India in the recent months. Many European brands have launched their online casino platforms, aiming at the Indian betting community. Indians have limited choice in terms of betting and majority of bets placed on cricket matches are managed through illegal channels. That is a high risk business but online casino is much better regulated.

While Indian government regulations on online casino are ambiguous, the service isn’t illegal in India. There has been a growing demand to legalize the industry and regulate it so that the local governments can earn decent revenue from the business. There are few platforms that offer genuine reviews about online casinos in India and royalcasino is one of them, with detailed reviews of high quality casinos operating in the Indian market. The platform also features signup bonus for new clients.

Indian government might bring a regulation in near future as recently the honorable Supreme Court of India has struck down the ban on trading of cryptocurrency in India. As Bitcoin started rising in valuations, the Reserve Bank of India banned any trading in cryptocurrency for Indian banks, operators or crypto-currency exchanges.

Online casino has been gaining popularity in Latin America as well. This is evident from recent protests against online casinos in Buenos Aires by local casino owners. Cirsa Casino partner in Argentina has joined hands with other local casino operators to file an injunction against local regulator LOBTA. The appeal has requested the local court to the stop the bidding process for online gambling licenses.

While the lockdowns have eased in the recent days, the gains for online casino operators are expected to continue in near future. Compared to live casinos, online casino can be played 24x7 and comfortably from your handheld device. However, we suggest that people should be careful while selecting the operators they place their bets with.

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