Online Casino and Gaming Could Gain as Lockdowns Persist

Online Casino and Gaming Could Gain as Lockdowns Persist

Online gambling and betting on games could flourish as many people would prefer to avoid going for live events and in casinos. Online gambling has been steadily gaining market share and major players in the segment have been aggressively marketing their platforms. Many of the sports events have been postponed and coronavirus pandemic could reduce attendance for sports events in future. This could be a blessing in disguise for online gambling platforms.

Nick Jonas has been working in online marketing for the last five years and his company based in Sweden, has focus on online gaming and casino segment. Jonas said that they are getting almost double the number of inquiries for promotion of online gambling platforms. The surge in demand has led Jonas to look for additional staff for marketing. His company has hired few marketing executives under remote working platforms. They are looking at Eastern Europe for affordable workforce.

iGaming and online gambling platforms have been working hard to improve perception among clients about what these online platforms can offer. Additionally, the trust factor is very important for majority of online platforms. Big names in the casino and game betting segment have moved online and this move has increased as coronavirus lockdowns have persisted. Offline businesses are also concerned about the possible second or third wave of coronavirus. If one wasn’t prepared for COVID-19 pandemic, it would be a silly mistake to not be prepared for such events in future.

As SBC Digital Summit, the mood was in favor of online platforms. While online gambling is legal in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania, Colorado and Michigan are moving forward with regulations. Across Europe, many countries have favorable laws for online gambling. The industry is well-regulated and offers good revenue for the local governments.

As per reports from SEO experts, there has been a 200% increase in online poker traffic in the United States during COVID outbreak. Google has witnessed higher number of search queries related to online poker, gambling and gaming.