Officials discover bizarre animal beheadings in Sacramento

Another case of religious animal mutilation has been reported by Sacramento authorities Tuesday night.

The city authorities have reported discovery of decapitated rabbit, dead chickens and tea candles near 20th and U streets. This discovery was the eighth in recent month.

The officials found a decapitated rabbit in a brown paper bag with tea candles inside, and a second brown paper bag with at least two chickens. The chickens had their feet cut off and stuffed into their chest cavities.

Officials said discoveries of animal beheadings in the city have increased in recent weeks. On Monday night, two decapitated chickens were found along with blood-soaked $1 bills along the Sacramento River bike trail between the Greenhaven and Pocket.

Last Wednesday, six goats were found decapitated near the end of Norwood Avenue in north Sacramento. Also, two decapitated baby goats were found at the intersection of 19th and V Streets Friday.

Gina Knepp, head of the city’s animal control department said,” It could be felony animal cruelty if you're intentionally maiming and killing animals. We need information. I mean, how many people go to a bike trail? Not many. Most are on bikes, most are walking dogs. So, hopefully somebody saw something”.

Since all such incidents have come up recently, it’s hard to keep a track on all of them. Monday’s discovery is just a block from where dead goats were found last week.

The killing includes livestock animals and even a tortoise. It is still unknown if all the incidents are connected and what the motive behind them is.

According to clinical psychologist Andrew Mendonsa, these acts seem to be religious in nature. However, the killing behavior raises a big concern as the same is seen in serial killers and serial rapists.