Obama marks 100 days by touting steps on economy

Obama marks 100 days by touting steps on economyWashington  - US President Barack Obama marked 100 days in office by citing the progress his administration has made in tackling the nation's economic problems but cautioned that more needed to be done.

"Now, after a hundred days, I am pleased with the progress we've made, but im not satisfied," Obama said at a townhall meeting Wednesday in Arnold, Missouri.

Obama touted his massive economic recovery plan to rescue the United States from its worst recession in decades, brought on by the crisis in the housing and finance markets.

"On our first day in office we found challenges of unprecedented size and scope," he said.

Obama said the benefits of his economic recovery plans were already beginning to emerge, with jobs in the horizon in building new infrastructure and through ventures to make the United States more energy efficient and less dependent on foreign oil.

Obama was planning to hold a press conference Wednesday evening to further elaborate on his young presidency.

Obama said he has been meeting his campaign promises to improve life for Americans, while addressing key foreign policy issues, including a withdrawal plan for Iraq, refocusing on al-Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and directly engaging traditional enemies.

"We're doing what we said we'd do," he said. (dpa)

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