Nuclear Energy deal is very Important For India: Manmohan Singh

Dr. Manmohan Singh
A day after appeasing his Left partners, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh affirmed that a solid nuclear energy plan is necessary for India in near future. He told that India cannot afford to miss the bus of nuclear resurgence.

Mr. Singh made it clear that nuclear energy practice will not be reliant on any one country. He stated that India would look at sourcing supplies from different countries in the nuclear suppliers group comprising the United States, France and Russia.

In spite of the truce, there is no going back for the PM on the N-deal. Whilst the Left opted to keep quiet on the PM’s strong backing for the agreement.

The separation with the Left may have been disheartened, but that doesn’t indicate Mr. Singh is not going to fight his case for the Indo-US N-deal. As a result, the Left has to calmly accept the PM’s logical system that India required to move ahead to the big league.

That was the heart of Mr. Singh’s energetic message, whereas devoting two reactors to the nation at the Tarapur nuclear complex. Nuclear energy will play a very crucial role for the future growth of India.

Mr. Manmohan Singh said, “We cannot miss the bus as there is international movement for nuclear energy.”

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