NorthStar Gaming’s betting platform now available nationwide in Canada

NorthStar Gaming’s betting platform now available nationwide in Canada

NorthStar Gaming Holdings, a leading casino & sports betting operator headquartered in Ontario, has become a truly national brand with extension of its live casino & sports wagering offerings to the entirety of Canada. The prominent and fast-growing operator has officially declared that its platform, which first went live in Ontario in the month of May last year, has been expanded to offer live casino and sports wagering to gaming enthusiasts in all provinces of Canada.

Michael Moskowitz, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NorthStar Gaming expressed in a statement the company's enthusiasm for this momentous move, highlighting its aspiration to become a genuinely national brand. The top executive also underscored the company’s confidence as a Canadian company, emphasizing its ability to comprehend local consumers’ preferences and requirements better than any other international competitor.

In the newly released statement, Moskowitz said, “We are thrilled to take this groundbreaking step and become a truly national brand. As a Canadian company, we are confident we understand local consumers better than the large international competitors and that we offer a premium experience that best meets their needs.”

The seasoned chief executive went on to state that the nationwide launch in Canada will serve as a significant catalyst, propelling the growth of customer base as well as revenue for several years to come.

Known for providing an outstanding and uniquely local user experience, the operator foresees the extension of its offerings to result in a substantial expansion its customer base. This expansion is set to provide a big boost to the company’s growth within the thriving online sports betting & iGaming sector in Canada, which is expected to reach the estimated mark of $8.5 billion by the end of 2026. Given the fact that Ontario accounts for just around 40 per cent of this market, the company is in a good position to boost its revenues.

Recently, the operator initiated a campaign focussed on highlighting the premium gaming experience offered by This excellence is being showcased through nationwide advertising and various social media channels, and the company is also planning in-market promotions across different regions of the country.

Being a Canadian company, NorthStar is already strategically well positioned to emerge as a leading hub for sports media & sports wagering providers as well as operators. The announcement of the extension of its offerings across the nation is expected to propel it significantly closer to achieving this desired status.

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