Normal life unaffected in Chennai

Normal life unaffected in ChennaiThe cyclone 'Laila' was supposed to hit Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh but with utter surprise, it deviated from its path with lesser destructive strengths.

The day to day life in Tamil Nadu has come to a stand still condition when weather department announced that Chennai is in danger due to Laila but after all assumptions the cyclone has spared the people of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu was supposed to witness strong wind flow with heavy rainfall but the regular life resumes with clear climate unaffected by cyclone.

There were very little rainfall and slower wind in some areas of Tamil Nadu during the passage of the cyclone. The city experienced warm weather of almost 32 degree Celsius.

Electricity supply has been resumed in the areas where cyclone was supposed to be in action. Andhra Pradesh and Orissa have been affected by the cyclone. Andhra Pradesh suffered with heavy rainfall and strong wind. Where in Orissa the situation is not so serious but rainfall is still continuing after the two days stay of cyclone.