Norauto launches new, affordable electric scooter Wayscral E-Quip 45

Norauto launches new, affordable electric scooter Wayscral E-Quip 45

With an aim to revolutionize the electric vehicle landscape with affordable mobility options, French automotive parts supplier Norauto has announced the launch of the brand’s very first electric scooter called the Wayscral E-Quip 45. Marking Norauto’s first foray into the electric two-wheeler market, the Wayscral E-Quip 45 e-scooter features circular headlight, leather seat, a removable LG battery and a hub-mounted 1.5 kW (2 hp) Bosch electric motor.

Designed specifically for urban mobility, the newly launched e-scooter can be driven by anyone aged 14 or above holding an AM license as it is equivalent to a 50 cc endothermic scooter. Its aforementioned Bosch brushless electric motor, which has been placed inside the hub, draws power a 1.2 kWh battery that is powerful enough to offer a range of 40 km on a single charge. Its maximum speed has been pegged at 45 km/h.

Under the seat, the manufacturer has created a compartment offering enough space to contain a jet helmet. This space can also be used to keep and carry an additional battery to extend the range during a long drive. The weight of the e-scooter is 205 pounds. The rims are 12 inches in diameter, and the braking system is consisted of a 190 mm front and rear disc.

Norauto Italia CEO Jean-Luc Dony said, “The launch of this new product represents for us a confirmation of the path towards sustainability and environmental protection that we have undertaken for years. With our Mobility Labs we can continue to guarantee a high-level customer experience even in the field of sustainable and alternative mobility.”

The battery, which is located under the seat, is removable. Thus, one can take it out of the EV and bring it into the home or office for recharging. It takes roughly 5 hours for the battery to get fully replenished. The manufacturer has also suggested an optimal behavior to help preserve the battery. It suggested that one should not leave the battery charging all night. It also recommended that the battery should be charged before prolonged inactivity as its life can be compromised in the event of prolonged inactivity without regular recharging. The charger should be clean and the environment should be dry while charging.

The Wayscral E-Quip 45 e-scooter is available with a Price tag of 1,999.95 Euros (US$2,400), which makes it much more affordable electric mobility solutions in the two-wheeler segment.

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