Car Loans Get Expensive Due To RBI Rate Hike

Reserve bank of IndiaThe hiking rates of Reserve bank of India may shatter your dreams to buy your dream cars. The interest rates on car loans have been lifted up anything between 75 - 100 basis points, by Car loan lenders. This increase will result in Rs 50 monthly increase on a five year loan which has a daily rest basis.

According to report of the Direct selling agents (DSAs) of ICICI Bank to TOI, they have received a communique from the bank about the hike effective from Monday. Officials said, “We used to lend at rack rates of 15% per annum, we are now been told that the new rates will be 16% effective from Monday,”

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RBI Rate Increase Turns Car Loans Pricey

Reserve Bank of IndiaWith RBI rates increase, car loan providers have raised interest rates by 75 to 100 basis points. The enhancement would mean a monthly increase of Rs 50 for a five-year loan having a daily rest basis.

ICICI Bank’s direct selling agents (DSAs) said they have accepted an official report from the bank on the cost increase effective from Monday. Rack rates are inclusive of DSA commissions.

The officials stated, “We used to lend at rack rates of 15% per annum, we are now been told that the new rates will be 16% effective from Monday.”

Is Mumbai Ready To Be A Global Financial Hub Or Not?

Is Mumbai ready to be a global financial hub or not? This question will be answered by the Union Cabinet shortly.

There are a number of recommendations to enable Mumbai join the league of London, New York and Singapore as one of the premier IFCs of the world, from the high-powered expert committee (HPEC) on making Mumbai an international financial centre (IFC). The report submitted to the FM (finance minister) on Tuesday will be out before the Cabinet shortly.

According to HPEC, the Indian purchases of international financial services (IFS) touched $13 billion in 2005 and are expected to be in the range of $50-70 billion by 2015. Therefore, it has been stated that “if the country does not proceed on establishment of an IFC, the revenues will go to other IFCs”.

Rupee Could Become Dictating Asian Currency

Currency of IndiaThe foreign broking firms opine that the Indian currency could become commanding currency in Asia. This reckoning came a day after an expert committee made out a case on Monday for making the rupee fully convertible before the end of 2008.


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