Everything Everywhere announces new 4G brand - EE

Everything Everywhere announces new 4G brand - EEIn a move which will apparently put Everything Everywhere in line to be among the first UK operators to carry the next-generation iPhone - iPhone 5 - on the 4G network, the bigwig mobile operator recently announced the forthcoming launch of its new 4G brand for "superfast" mobile service.

According to the announcement by Everything Everywhere, nearly 20 million people will be able to take advantage of "superfast" connection speeds of its new 4G brand - dubbed EE - by Christmas; with its commercial rollout to commence in about one month's time.

While the company will use the EE brand - which will be available in 16 cities by the year-end - for its shops, network and the 4G service, it will still continue with its existing Orange and T-Mobile brands, which have a total of 27 million users.

Everything Everywhere revealed that it had switched on its 4G network - the fourth generation of mobile phone networks - way earlier than its rivals O2 and 3; and added that, under the EE brand, devices will be available from companies like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and Huawei. Moreover, it is widely expected that the appeal of the new 4G brand will get a further boost from the forthcoming launch of iPhone 5.

Meanwhile, about the need for "superfast" mobile service, especially because of the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, Everything Everywhere CEO Olaf Swantee said: "The networks built last century are too slow to handle the needs of this modern, digital age."