No evidence of India supporting terror in Pak: Holbrooke

No evidence of India supporting terror in Pak: HolbrookeLahore, Apr. 25 : US Special Representative on Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke has said there is no evidence that India is supporting violence in Pakistan.

"If the Indians were supporting those miscreants in Pakistan that would be extraordinarily bad, really dangerous, but they are not doing so. There is no evidence that Indians are support miscreants in western parts of Pakistan or in Balochistan," the Daily Times quoted Holbrooke as saying in an interview with a private TV channel.

He said India was the second largest country in the world and one of the most important.

"If we are interested in helping Pakistan, we will have to talk to its neighbours, which include China, India and Afghanistan," he added.

He said India had given about a billion dollars in assistance to Afghanistan, and it should not be a cause of concern for Pakistan.

"Pakistan does not need to worry about India in Afghanistan, but it has to be worried about miscreants and militants in its western parts," he added.

To question about the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan, he said his job was only related to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The US special envoy denied there were tensions between Pakistan and the US, saying the US wanted to help Pakistan fight the common enemies.

"Pakistan, the US, Afghanistan and India have a common goal of defeating the militants, who were trying to destroy democracy in Pakistan," he said, adding that US President Barack Obama was committed to supporting Pakistan. (ANI)