Nissan Disaster Mobile-Hub to use re-purposed Leaf EV batteries for onboard power

Nissan Disaster Mobile-Hub to use re-purposed Leaf EV batteries for onboard power

With an intention to steal the spotlight at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon, an automotive extravaganza, Nissan has announced that it will unveil a captivating lineup of customized vehicles, including the Disaster Support Van that uses Leaf batteries for onboard power. While Nissan’s showcase at the upcoming event will range from innovative adaptations of a number of existing models to the dynamic Formula E race car, the Disaster Support Mobile-Hub, a purpose-built concept based on the Caravan, will be in the spotlight. This mobile support vehicle incorporates a cleverly designed portable power station, fueled by re-purposed batteries from the Nissan Leaf electric hatchback. Pertinently named, this concept has been specifically designed and developed to provide essential support during disasters, such as earthquakes and floods, addressing challenges posed by compromised conventional power sources.

Adding a dose of adventure to the show, which is scheduled to take place from 12th to 14th in 2024, is the Nissan Rogue compact crossover SUV, which is also known as the X-Trail in Japan. It was teased alongside the intriguing Crawler Concept. Elevated with a raised suspension and adorned with a strong roof rack featuring an integrated LED light bar, the Nissan Rogue exudes off-road prowess. Expected to ride on all-terrain tires with a burlier body kit, the SUV boasts a cargo compartment that comes stocked with tools synonymous with the X-Trail's rugged heritage.

The list of other vehicles includes the Roox, a petite minivan developed to comply with kei car regulations. It takes center stage in collaboration with a renowned Japanese fashion house called Beams. The Beams Customized Concept introduces denim fabric both inside and out, delivering a fusion of automotive design with fashion sensibilities for a truly innovative creation.

Visitors will also be able to explore the realms of uniqueness by having a look at the March Customized Concept, a modified version of the brand’s Micra supermini tailored to the preferences of a pastry chef. Infused with wooden elements and featuring a menu inscribed on the rear doors' windows, this culinary-inspired creation promises a blend of functionality and quirkiness.

Additionally, the Tokyo Auto Salon will witness the debut of sportier renditions, including Autech versions of the X-Trail crossover and Serena minivan, alongside Nismo variants of the Skyline, Nissan Z, and GT-R. These performance-oriented variants promise a thrilling driving experience, underscoring the brand’s commitment to delivering excellence across diverse automotive segments.

Hence, the Tokyo Auto Salon will offer enthusiasts a peek into Nissan's steadfast commitment to innovation and design, amidst the global shift towards electric vehicles (EVs).

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