Nissan and Fisker in advanced talks for investment and partnership: Sources

Nissan and Fisker in advanced talks for investment and partnership: Sources

Nissan Motor Company is engaged in advanced talks with Fisker Incorporated regarding a potential collaboration that could not only provide the Japanese automobile giant with access to Fisker's electric pickup truck but also offer a lifeline to the struggling American EV startup, sources familiar with the negotiations have revealed. Sources familiar with the matter have revealed that the negotiations between the two automakers are in an advanced stage, with Nissan involved in a bid to fortify its EV portfolio. As per the sources, a deal could be finalized and announced as soon as later this month.

Under the terms of the potential deal, the Japanese automaker is reportedly contemplating an investment of more than $400 million in the American EV maker’s electric pickup truck platform.

Additionally, the Japanese automaker may take on the responsibility of building its potential partner’s planned Alaska pickup, starting series production in 2026 at one of its American assembly plants, which includes Mississippi and Tennessee locations. Simultaneously, it would develop its own electric pickup truck using the same platform. With U.S. assembly plants in Mississippi and Tennessee, Nissan seems to be well-positioned to execute this strategic move.

Fisker has long been facing financial uncertainty. Recently, it announced potential cutbacks in its workforce. It also acknowledged talks with a major automaker for a prospective investment and joint development collaboration.

Iin its fourth-quarter (Q4) earnings report, Fisker stated, “To the extent Fisker’s current resources are insufficient to satisfy its requirements over the next 12 months, the company will need to seek additional equity or debt financing, and there can be no assurance that Fisker will be successful in these efforts.”

Notably, the American EV maker aims to give priority to the Alaska pickup truck over other projects, such as the compact Pear. It is also actively seeking a partnership with another automaker, which aligns with its broader plan to transition from a direct-sales model to a dealership model, rationalization its operations and seeking profitability.

The upshot of the negotiations holds the promise of a transformative alliance, blending Nissan's expertise with Fisker's pioneering EV technologies. If Nissan really agrees to invest in Fisker, the potential collaboration could reshape the landscape of EVs and provide a much-needed lifeline to the struggling startup. The reported ongoing discussions also underscore the evolving dynamics of the automotive industry as established automakers seek to strengthen their positions in the fast-expanding electric mobility space.

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