Nigerian militants kidnap British oil worker

Nigerian militants kidnap British oil worker Nairobi/Abuja  - Nigerian militants have kidnapped a British oil worker, killing his police guard in the attack.

Nigeria's The Guardian newspaper said that the kidnapping took place in Rivers State capital Port Harcourt on Sunday.

The kidnap victim is believed to be Allan Priston, who works for the Nigerian company Adamac, which provides engineering services to oil companies.

Kidnappings of oil workers are common in the oil-producing Niger Delta, where armed groups say they are struggling for a fairer distribution of oil wealth.

However, the government dismisses the groups as criminals who make a living through extortion, kidnapping and stealing oil.

Nigeria's main militant group, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), is still holding two British citizens it seized last September.

The group says it will hold Robin Hughes and Matthew Maguire until one of its leaders, Henry Okah, is released from jail. (dpa)