Next Apple TV could be double in price, says new report

According to reports, on September, a new Apple TV is likely to be shown at Apple’s big iPhone event. Reports suggested that it could be more than double in price. 9to5Mac has reported that you need to spend between $US149 and $US199 for the next generation Apple TV. It would probably translate to around $250 in Australia. It’s a huge hike as compared to the present cost that is $US69 in the States and $109 locally.

If we take a look over the price hike then it would mean that Apple’s streaming box is notably going to be more costly in comparison to Google’s Chromecast and even Telstra’s soon to hit the market gadget, Roku based Telstra TV which is likely to cost around $100.

Rumors about the improved features for the new Apple TV are flowing in the market. Since 2012, it hasn’t had a significant update. There are assumptions that the device is likely to have a Nintendo Wii-esque motion-sensitive remote, which would have easier navigation and potentially change the Apple TV into a casual gaming machine. Also rumoured is a brand new Apple TV App Store and support for Siri.

9to5Mac has also reported that Apple is looking forward to come up with an internet TV service to both the new Apple TV and the cheaper present generation model at some point in the coming year.