New Velocifero Tennis-E: a retro-inspired compact & charming e-scooter

New Velocifero Tennis-E: a retro-inspired compact & charming e-scooter

Thrilling vibes echo across the realm of electric scooters (e-scooters) as trailblazing Italian brand Velocifero has unveiled the Tennis-E, a retro-inspired masterpiece that has specifically been designed to cater to the desires of style-conscious consumers who also have a penchant for sustainability. Poised to grace the stage in March 2024, the Velocifero Tennis-E is an elegant personal electric mobility solution ready to grace the landscape of urban commuting starting next year. It showcases the brand’s unwavering commitment to design excellence. Born from the iconic gasoline-powered Tennis 125, the new e-scooter offers riders a silent and zero-emission journey through city streets.

Visually appealing with its minimalist exterior, the new e-scooter exudes retro vibes, featuring a body-colored front apron and wheel covers. However, in spite of its nostalgic design, it boasts modern features, including a dual-optic headlight and full-LED daytime running lights, creating a perfect fusion of past and present.

Underneath its charming exterior lies a powerful electric powertrain. It has a permanent magnet motor positioned flawlessly in the rear wheel. It promises 3-kW of nominal output and a peak performance of 5-kW (approx. 6.7 hp). In short, the Tennis-E shares a performance profile similar to a 125cc gas-powered scooter. Noteworthy is its exceptional torque, with Velocifero proudly claiming a staggering 175 Nm (129.5 pound-feet) from the aforementioned electric motor.

Versatility has been ensured with the availability of three distinct ride modes, viz. Eco, Comfort, and Sport, which allows customization to suit various preferences. The e-scooter gracefully reaches a top speed of 85 km per hour (roughly 53 mph), ensuring a feisty yet controlled ride through cityscapes.

For power, the retro-inspired electric two-wheeler relies on two removable lithium-ion battery packs, which combines for a capacity of 2.99 kWh. Each pack, weighing a mere 10 kg, provides flexibility for riders to optimize weight and use a single battery pack for shorter trips. Recharging is quite convenient, with a full charge taking approx. four hours. On a full charge, the e-scooter offers an impressive range of 80 km (roughly 50 miles).

While specific pricing details for the Tennis-E are remain under wraps, the excitement intensifies as anticipation builds. All eyes are on the horizon as the Velocifero Tennis-E is all set to make its grand entrance into European dealerships in March 2024, promising a revelation that is bound to elevate the e-scooter experience.

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