New international body to fight cyber criminals

New international body to fight cyber criminalsThe International Cyber Security Protection Alliance or ICSPA was established yester at a gathering of new coalition of government, law enforcement, and international businesses in London, with a focus to fight cyber criminals on a global scale.

ICSPA is backed by several security companies including McAfee and Trend Micro, while Europol is the major law agency to join the initiative. The government of the UK has also announced its backing for the body.

The new not for profit body will focus on improving security by establishing a more collaborative approach and provide assistance to nations that need assistance. The body will also seek to improve training against cyber crime, with standardised accreditation and training programmes. ICSPA will seek to raise money for its endeavors from both governments and any private companies.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron pointed out that his government has injected additional £650m to fight, but the threat demands an international approach.

“We are not looking for new money here. There is quite a lot of money out there that isn’t providing the best results,” said John Lyons, chief executive of the ICSPA. “We’re looking at diverting some funds to provide a better framework. If I could get €5 million in next 18 months, I’d be delighted.”