New Eco TV announced by Sony that will help in major power savings

SonyThe world is aiming to go green and keeping this motto in mind, Sony has come out with its latest HDTV in its Bravia line dubbed as WE5, which the company claims would help the users to significantly save energy and thus reducing electricity bills.

How does WE5 do it? Well to understand this, it should be first noted that most TVs even when turned off, draw power. However the new WE5 is equipped with special switch, which can be activated reducing the power consumption of the set to zero watts when not in use.

A new backlight dubbed as the word's first micro-tubular HCFL backlight is also utilized by the new set, which helps to cut active power consumption by 50 percent.

Sony is of the viewpoint that the new Bravia WE5 helps to reduce power consumption compared to other Bravia models by 20 to 30 percent.

Furthermore, the latest by Sony is also equipped with a Smart Presence Sensor, which senses when no one is watching the TV and turns the picture off to save energy.

The company reports, "The sensor detects body heat and movement of anyone sitting in a room and when no one is sensed, it automatically goes to picture off mode and will switch to standby in 30 minutes."

Interested users can avail Bravia WE5 TV in UK this spring in 40-inch and 46-inch screen sizes. Details related to shipping to other parts and overall price is not known as yet.

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