New book takes impeached Illinois Guv to the cleaners

New book takes impeached Illinois Guv to the cleanersIllinois , Mar 16 :A new book has projected impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich as an ego-driven liar who kept his staff in the dark, cursed the press and was so inconsiderate that he even showed up late for a state funeral.

According to the New York Post, in "Pay to Play," out next month, a former senior adviser tells author Elizabeth Brackett that when Blagojevich was quizzed by reporters for taking a state plane daily during legislative sessions between Springfield and Chicago at 5,800 dollars per round trip, he fumed, "[Bleep] it, [bleep] them. It comes with the job."

Brackett writes how Blagojevich''s disdain for fellow legislators reached a "painful" low point when he arrived so late for the funeral of beloved State Sen. Vince Demuzio. Then-Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn had to step in to present the flag draped over the coffin to Demuzio''s grieving widow.

Speaker of the Illinois House Mike Madigan "found it just this incredibly tasteless thing," journalist Charles Wheeler tells the author.

Cindi Canary of the Campaign for Political Reform said: "He was not building a political organization . . . It was really a complete quid pro quo - give me the money and I''ll give you the position."

Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias adds that Blagojevich was "very ''I don''t want to hear other people''s opinions'' and . . . ''I''ll destroy you even if you''re doing it because you have ideological differences.'' "

Blagojevich was busted on federal corruption charges and booted by the Illinois House of Representatives for discussing the possibility of selling President Obama''s old Senate seat for cash. (ANI)