Nepal coalition leaders to meet on Friday

Kathmandu, May 6 : Nepal Prime Minister Girija Prasad KoiralaLeaders of seven political parties in Nepal will discuss the model of the future government and the implementation of a republic at an all-party meeting on Friday.

According to Kantipur, Nepal Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has called the meeting following separate consultations with the United Marxist Leninist (UML) and Maoists.

UML leader Bharat Mohan Adhikari, who attended the meetings with Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) chairman Prachanda said," We have told the Maoists to present the model of their future government."

Adhikari added that the future government should be formed only after reaching a consensus among all political parties.

During a separate meeting, UML leader Madhav Nepal, Acting General Secretary Amrit Bohara and Adhikari told PM Koirala that the Maoists, being the largest political party, should be allowed to head the next government in Nepal.

The UML team told Koirala that the NC and the UML should decide about joining the next government only after evaluating the Maoist offer during the seven-party meeting.

Maoist Chairman Prachanda held a separate meeting with UML leader Nepal at the latter's residence in Koteswor.

During the meeting, Prachanda urged Nepal that the UML should join the future coalition government.

Prachanda also urged Nepal to cooperate in the implementation of a republic through the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly (CA). (ANI)

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