Multi-player Halo 3 offers better Graphics, Special effects and Soundtrack

Halo 3 Game
Halo 3, launched this Tuesday has clocked in good sales. The final version of the epic Halo trilogy has proved to be biggest launch in recent time with sales of more than $172 million in first 24 hours. Microsoft had spent lot of money on development and promotion of the game. Bungie Studios have delivered a nice product which has enough power to shake Sony and Nintendo.

The game graphics are really nice and the designers have given a lot of emphasis on every minute detail. The soundtrack is also cool and special effects are worth watching. If you can try the game on HDTV, you will really enjoy it.

Halo 2 has many new features and multiplayer features offer more action for gamers. Playing online can be real fun for die-hard gamers. Maps in the current version are better and clear compared to earlier games. The campaign mode is a great thing to try. Microsoft has delivered a great product for gamers and the sales are expected to pick up in the days to come. All I can say is that the game is quite addictive and feature rich and one can spend hours playing it.

For the main character of the game, Master Chief, the aim is survival of the galaxy. Master Chief has a wide range of weapons to choose from. Detachable turrets and Assault rifles are cool.

The Special effects and great cut scenes are a specialty of Halo 3 and Bungie Studios have delivered the best product.

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