Mozilla Makes Private Browsing More Private

Latest actions by subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation are indicating that the company is dedicated to making private browsing more private. According to reports, the company is working to block those website elements that could help a third person find out actual browsing behavior across sites.

A number of current browsers, including Firefox, offer an option ‘Do Not Track’, but most browser companies do not provide the promised results. The tools that are being experimented by Mozilla have the ability to obstruct those third parties that track a user by using cookies, or browser fingerprinting.

According to an announcements made by Mozilla on Friday, the new tool is available in the Firefox Developer Edition on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac and also on Firefox Aurora on Android. The company stated that the tool will also exclude some data-hungry websites but users are able to unblock those websites.

The new tool also works to figure out unsafe browser add-ons that could compromise a user’s information. In a recent blog post, the company wrote, “We’ve worked with developers and created a process that attempts to verify that add-ons installed in Firefox meet the guidelines and criteria we’ve developed to ensure they’re safer for you”.

The new tool of the company could be beneficial to many users. As per some earlier reports, Internet users have been continuously spending on ad-blocking software. The Electronic Frontier Foundation stated that it has been developing a new standard for the ‘Do Not Track’ browser setting.