Mozilla launches automated security testing platform, Minion

Mozilla launches automated security testing platform, MinionNon-profit organization, Mozilla has announced the launched of a new automated security testing platform called Minion.

The new Minion will offer a flexible and easy to use security testing platform allowing developers to integrate it into virtually any development workflow. The company said that it began the Minion project year earlier and it is being implemented. The release of the version 0.3 marks the major public release for the platform.

The tool will allow developers to log in to the tool and immediately start scans against their web applications. At present, the platform offers three working extensions including, a port scanner, web fuzzer and a penetration testing tool. The company is currently working to expand the number of plug-ins, and developers are also allowed to write their own tools. All of the features are implemented as plug-ins and Mozilla will look to offer reliable, extensible platform without binding it to a set of tools.

The maker of Firefox browser also announced a partnership with smartphone maker, BlackBerry to allow open source Peach fuzzing framework for testing browsers. The partnership between the two companies will focus on advancing the Peach fuzzing software for testing Web browsers.