Mini Fiido Q1S electric scooter offers blend of fun and smooth riding experience

Mini Fiido Q1S electric scooter offers blend of fun and smooth riding experience

With its mission to turn alternative transport into a mainstream transport via affordable electric scooters, Voro Motors recently unveiled an innovative electric scooter the Fiido Q1S that boasts to have some really stunning features.

In spite of its odd-sizing, the Fiido Q1S scooter offers a more comfortable riding experience than any other electric scooter of its category, thanks to an apt combination of power, torque and full-suspension.

As per specs released by Voro Motors, the Fiido Q1S comes equipped with a combination of 36V 10Ah and 500W peak rear geared hub motor that offers enough power to cover a range of 20 miles (32 km) on a single charge with a top speed of 15 mph (25 km/h). It takes just 6.7 seconds to sprint from zero to 24 km/h, which is quite impressive for an electric scooter of its size. Moreover, the acceleration is very smooth.

With a weight of just 20 kg (44 lb), it is a lightweight vehicle, but its capacity is quite impressive as it can carry 330 lb (150 kg). When it comes to frame and tires, it has aluminum alloy frame and 12-inch CST pneumatic tires. Suspension is available in the form of front spring fork and rear air shock; and brakes have mechanical discs for powerful braking.

For storage, there is space in the in center of frame in addition to a front basket. LED display with battery meter, unlocking, fenders, key-fob remote alarm, footpegs, electronic horn, front LED lights, cruise control are some of the other notable features of the new electric scooter.

Riding the Fiido Q1s provides fun and a bit funny experience, partly due to its small format and small wheels. The small bicycle-format of the electric vehicle offers a number of advantages, including lower weight to handle, fewer parts, lower maintenance costs. While most scooters roll around with 8-inch or 10-inch wheel, the Fiido Q1S has 12-inch tires. Broader tires make it safer when it hits bumps or gets into a pothole. Front and rear suspension adds to its safety further. As it has footpegs instead of pedals, one will not have to make attempts to optimize pedaling strokes. The display and twist are simple to operate as well as to understand.

Available with a price tag of $899, it is really affordable electric scooter capable of offering fun with unparalleled riding experience.

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