Microsoft Xbox 360 beats Nintendo Wii and Sony with Halo 3 release

Microsoft Xbox 360With recent launch of Halo 3, Microsoft’ Xbox sales were higher than Nintendo Wii. Nintendo Wii was selling more than any other gaming console. Microsoft’s price drop for Xbox failed to impress gamers, but Halo 3 did its job and has put Microsoft Xbox on number 1 spot in gaming console sales. Market Research Company NPD Group has announced the sales numbers for the month of September and Microsoft Xbox has shown decent sales numbers.

In September this year, the total sales numbers for Video Gaming sector stood at $1.36 billion which are much higher compared to $ 778 million during same period last year. Out of $1.36 billion, $544 million came from sales of handheld devices and video game consoles.

Halo 3 broke all previous sales records to become the fastest selling game. The sales for the first day after release were around $170 million. The total sales for first week were above $300 million. Surely, Master Chief helped Microsoft to beat Nintendo and Sony.

Nintendo had announced that the supply of Wii will be less till the end of current year. Microsoft Xbox sales have seen a 91 percent jump in the month of September. Microsoft managed to sell 527k units in September compared to 276k units in August.

Sony released lighter model of PSP-2000 but the sales figures are similar to last month. Sony PSP sales stood at 284k. Microsoft emerged as a market leader with Halo 3. The developer of Halo 3, Bungie Studios has been set up as an independent unit by Microsoft recently.

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