Microsoft plans to set up Halo 3 developer Bungie Studios as independent unit

Bungie Studios Halo 3
The developer of Halo 3 and other Halo Series games, Bungie Studios will be launched as an independent company as per latest reports. The Game developer will continue developing games and with work on high end graphics projects and software giant Microsoft will keep its stake in Bungie Studios.

In a statement, Shane Kim Corporate VP, Microsoft Game Studios said, "We are supporting Bungie's desire to return to its independent roots."

As per reports Bungie Studios, which has been developing the best seller series Halo for Microsoft for the last seven years will work as independent company.

Bungie Studios has developed two more best-seller games namely Marathon and Myth. Halo 3 is very important for Microsoft as it has been developed exclusively for Microsoft’s gaming console Xbox 360.

The reason for the conflict with Microsoft ostensibly became the developers’ discontent of the marketing (that for which the Corporation in the case of Halo 3 has spent 10 million dollars), pressure upon the course of development and mutual relations with fans and insufficiently generous financing. Halo 3 was able to make sales of $170 million on first day of its launch in September this year.

Bungie will continue its operations from its office in Kirkland, Wash. Bungie was allotted a separate and autonomous section in Microsoft’s gaming department when the company was acquired by Microsoft in year 2000. 

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