Microsoft mentions Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 users’ guide

Microsoft mentions Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 users’ guide

In its Friday night-released product update users’ manual titled “Windows 7 Product Update: Key Changes Included in the Release Candidate,” Microsoft has charted a few new features for the Windows 7 users.

The small businesses-specific feature, facilitating their move to Windows 7, comprises an 'XP Mode' to allow users to install and run applications in a Windows XP environment running under Windows Virtual PC.

Making a mention of the feature in the users’ guide, Microsoft said: “The Release Candidate provides you the flexibility to run many older Windows XP applications in a virtual Windows XP environment on a Windows 7-based PC. Called Windows XP Mode, this new feature requires an additional download.”

Though Microsoft has mentioned that Windows XP Mode is included in Windows 7, as well as its availability either through pre-installation by your PC manufacturer or via a no-cost download, there has been no mention about as to whether it would necessitate an additional license to cover the XP environment.

Talking about a similar feature to be offered for enterprises, the users’ guide also says that a virtualization solution is offered for enterprises and large organizations by way of Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V).

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