Microsoft adds AI-Enabled Shopping Features to Bing and Edge Browser

Microsoft adds AI-Enabled Shopping Features to Bing and Edge Browser

Microsoft has added AI-enabled shopping features to its search engine Bing and Edge internet browser. The AI-powered shopping tools will make it easier for people to find products as artificial intelligence tools will create ‘Buying Guides’ and curated lists of products for easy reference. Shoppers will also be offered product comparison in sidebar for Bing search engine and Edge internet browser. Microsoft is closely working with OpenAI to offer ChatGPT features in its browser and on Bing search engine. Many exciting features will be added by Microsoft in the future. Microsoft is also running Microsoft Rewards where users can accumulate points for using AI-powered copilot.

The AI-features for better shopping experience have been launched for US-based shoppers. Microsoft informed that the features will be shortly rolled out in other regions and global rollout is underway. Microsoft aims to offer fully immersive shopping experience on its search and browsers. Microsoft claims to solve the problem of searching and finding the right product. As there are too many choices online, the experience can be sometimes overwhelming. Microsoft offers help with AI shopping tools to find the best deals, coupons, consumer ratings for product as well.

Microsoft claims that its Edge Browser has saved shoppers nearly $3.7 billion by finding the right deals and coupons last year. Edge browser already offers coupons and price comparison tools. With the new offering, these tools have been enhanced with AI features. Microsoft further claims that US shoppers can save an average of $400 per year using Edge browser for shopping.

Shopping assistant, as Microsoft is calling the new set of tools, will be offered tailored Buying Guide that will offer product details, reviews and additional product suggestions. By simply typing a keyword like ‘office supplies’, users can get a list of products needed in office, sorted by categories and quick comparisons. Users won’t have to visit websites to check for product details. All the information will be delivered in Bing search or Edge browser. Once a user wants to purchase an item, Microsoft’s platform will transfer to the website for completing purchase.

Microsoft is also offering price tracking, price history for products in addition to ‘Price Match’ feature. The technology major is working closely with many US retailers offering price match and will continue adding more merchants.

As per official blog on Microsoft Bing, “When you find a specific product you like, you can ask Bing Chat in Edge to briefly summarize what people are saying about it online and provide a quick look at top insights and popular opinions about the product. Review Summaries are starting to roll out today worldwide just in time for back-to-school.”

After shopping, package tracking information will also be readily available in the sidebar.

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