Mercedes-Benz to extend G-Wagen lineup with compact EV dubbed "Little G"

Mercedes-Benz to extend G-Wagen lineup with compact EV dubbed "Little G"

German luxury automotive brand Mercedes-Benz has revealed its plans to extend its celebrated G-Wagen lineup by introducing a second, more compact electric model, affectionately nicknamed the "Little G." True to its moniker, the Little G off-roader will be a downsized iteration of the brand’s existing G-Class. In alignment with the forthcoming introduction of an electric variant for the standard G-Class, which is known as the EQG, this little G-Class vehicle will also be powered by batteries.

Leveraging the German luxury brand’s cutting-edge EV technology from Stuttgart, the "Little G" will provide an environment-friendly, zero emissions, off-roading experience, while upholding the brand's hallmark standards of luxury when it will make its official debut in the coming years.

During the official announcement about the upcoming EV at IAA Munich 2023, Mercedes-Benz Group CEO Ola Kallenius dubbed this compact off-road vehicle the "Little G," a moniker that resonated with its appealing charm. However, it is unlikely that the manufacturer will retain this moniker upon its public release. Considering the fact that electric G-Class will be known as the EQG upon its public release, a similar three-letter name with a possible prefix or suffix will be used for the upcoming compact electric model as well.

The compact off-roader will blend G-Class aesthetics with EQ-specific elements, with rugged features like plastic cladding, off-road tires, and protective elements. Unlike the standard G-Class, this compact electric off-roader will have a unibody construction, resulting in a lower profile and shorter wheelbase.

Most probably, the "Little G" is expected to make use of the latest compact Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA), which was first introduced with the Concept CLA-Class. This versatile modular architecture can accommodate both conventional internal combustion engines (ICEs) and electric powertrains. On the electric side, the "Little G" is expected to offer an 800-volt charging capability and a range of slightly more than 300 miles, coupled with standard all-wheel drive (AWD) system. However, specific details regarding the vehicle’s battery, motor configuration, and capacity remain hidden.

As for the Little G’s anticipated release, it is still a few years away from series production. Analysts project its production to commence sometime in late 2026 at Mercedes' Kecskemet production plant in Hungary.

When it comes to pricing, the "Little G" is expected to be roughly half the price of the standard G-Class. While the G-550 comes with a starting price tag of $141,050 in the U.S. market, preliminary estimates indicate that the "Little G" may start around $55,000 to $65,000.

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