Mercedes launches fifth generation E-Class Estate

Mercedes launches fifth generation E-Class EstateStuttgart  - Mercedes is launching in November the fifth generation of the Estate in the new E-Class family with several new load compartment features and technical innovations such as drowsiness detection and an automatic emergency braking system.

Since its first launch in 1977, some one million estate versions have been sold with the latest model following up on the launch of the new E-Class sedan in the European spring this year.

The design is based on the new Mercedes style that made its debut in the S-Class with the interplay of concave and taut surfaces and the B- and C-pillars appearing to merge into the background.

A special loading feature is the option of opening the tailgate by using the ignition key. A "quickfold" system enables the rear seat backrests to be folded down from the load compartment. The two backrest sections are unlocked and folded down by a cable pull, creating a level loading surface. The backrest sections can also be unlocked and folded down from the side.

Mercedes lists the load capacity at 1,950 litres with the car measuring in length, width and height 4.895 metres, 1.854 and 1.471 metres.

To ensure more comfort on long journeys Mercedes has given the Estate a newly developed direct control suspension with adaptive damping system as standard. It also ensures that the car remains at the same level when fully loaded.

Fuel consumption and emissions have been reduced with new engines, aerodynamics and weight reduction. Customers can choose from five engine options in the range between 125 kW/170 hp to 285kW/388 hp. All the powerplants meet the EU 5 emission standard.

The 220 CDI entry model is listed with a consumption of 5.7 litres per 100 kilometres with a carbon dioxide emission figure of 150-153 grammes per kilometre. It sells in Germany for 44,804 euros (64,352 dollars). The top of the range petrol model, the E 500: V8 with an output of 285 kW/388 hp is listed at 70,150 euros (100,758 dollars). (dpa)