Meet Becks and Posh’s new cleaners – David and Victoria!

David Beckham, Victoria Beckham immortalised in Lego toy bricksLondon, Jan 25 : Ironical as it may sound, but David and Victoria Beckham's newly hired housekeepers are called David and Victoria.

Having their appointment done, the pair is delighted to have landed their dream job because they're superfans of the celebs.

Starstruck Victoria Nash and lover David, 31, have revealed that earlier they used to drive past the mansion in Sawbridgeworth, Herts, just to have a glimpse of the celebrities.

And now, they'll be inside dusting Posh and Becks' treasured artefacts and furniture.

However, their similarities with the star-couple doesn't end here, for cleaner Victoria, 30, is a brunette Essex girl, just like Posh.

She lives in Harlow, where the ex-Spice Girl was born, and runs her business, Pristine Domestic Cleaning Services, from there.

Cleaner Victoria, a mum of two, is also fond of smart cars and drives a second hand black BMW herself.

And much-like football ace Becks, Victoria's beau of 11 years, David, is also a bit of a local heart-throb.

Posh and Becks' previous housekeepers Eric and June Emmett were cleared last month after being arrested in October over allegations that they stole property and tried to flog it on eBay.

Later Victoria and David were secretly signed up before being interviewed by Posh's mum and sister Louise.

However, the duo won't be able to meet their namesakes, because they've been told not to enter the same room as Posh and Becks when they're home.

And they're also meant to be keeping hush-hush about their appointment.

But when approached them about their new employers, Victoria beamed: "I'm happy. I think they are nice," reports News of the World.