Maybach Zeppelin tops premium luxury range

Geneva  - Daimler's luxury Maybach brand is launching an even more luxurious version at the Geneva Motor Show next month with a shoulder-line in contrasting colour and a more powerful 640 hp engine.

Wind noise has been reduced by modified exterior mirrors with a more "expressive" look.

The stylish elegance is accentuated by an exclusive Californian- beige, leather interior and the "Maybach Zeppelin" lettering found on the boot lid, front grille, the key and champagne glass. Only 100 of the limited edition Maybach 57 Zeppelin and Maybach 62 Zeppelin will be built at a price of 483,140 euros (623,758 dollars) and 563,108 euros respectively.

An unusual feature is a high-quality, perfume atomiser with fragrances that can be selected at the push of a button in the rear console or from the driver's seat. Passengers can insert their preferred fragrance in a Plexiglas sphere on the rear, centre console. Two fragrances were exclusively developed by perfumer Givaudan. (dpa)