Maradona still owing millions of euros to Italy's revenue

Maradona still owing millions of euros to Italy's revenue Rome - Argentina football icon Diego Maradona has paid a minimal part of the large tax payment he owes the Italian state from the years he spent playing with Napoli, the Association of Italian taxpayers (Contribuenti. it) reported on Saturday.

"The Italian revenue has been unable to levy from Maradona more than 0.10 per cent (of what he owes)," said Contribuenti. it president Vittorio Carlomagno as he criticized how taxes are collected in Italy.

According to the association, Maradona owes more than 37 million euros (49 million dollars), 23.5 of which in arrears. But Equitalia, a public agency in charge of levying taxes, has obtained so far only 42,000 euros and two luxury wristwatches.

Francesco D'Errico, who heads the Naples office of Equitalia, said his agency has not given up on Maradona and are monitoring his visits to Italy.

Maradona, 48, played at Napoli 1984-1991, helping them win two Serie A titles and one UEFA Cup. He is now Argentina national team coach. (dpa)

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