Many Democrats boycott Netanyahu Speech

On Tuesday, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint meeting of congress. The controversial speech to the joint session was attended by the entire San Diego delegation, while several Democrats boycotted the event.

In his speech, Netanyahu said that Congress should not accept a deal negotiated by John Kerry, current United States Secretary of State, to lift economic sanctions against Iran. While warning Congress, he said that the American-led negotiations have resulted in a bad deal on nuclear program of Iran.

During his 39-minute speech, Netanyahu said that government of Iran poses a serious threat not only to Israel, but also to the entire world. According to the Israeli Prime Minister, no deal would be better than the deal under consideration.

Netanyahu’s speech was boycotted by President of the United States Barack Obama and 59 Democratic lawmakers. Republicans Duncan Hunter and Darrell Issa were joined by Susan Davis, Juan Vargas and Scott Peters of Democratic Party on the Capitol floor. In the U-T San Diego on Tuesday, Issa said that the negotiations are ‘ill conceived’. The Republican US representative also criticized Obama for failing to support an important ally.

Issa further said that it was not that Benjamin Netanyahu came to the United States after request from congressional leaders. “The story is that one of America’s closest allies in the world feels so alienated by President Obama that he believes his best hope in protecting his nation from a nuclear Iran lies in making his case directly to the American people”, Issa added.

Benjamin Netanyahu‘s controversial speech to a joint session of Congress was criticized by some political figures. According to reports, the invitation was not made through the White House for the event.