Manmohan Singh says Advani weak, not him

Manmohan Singh says Advani weak, not himMumbai, Apr 13 : Carrying forward his verbal retort against Leader of Opposition Lal Krishna Advani, the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, on Monday said that speaking loud was no sign of strength.

"If you read my statement, you will get my answer. Weakness or strength does not come from loud speaking. It comes from your capacity to react on time. The BJP leader has a unique ability to combine strength in speech with weakness in action," Singh said at a press conference here.

He also blamed Advani for releasing the terrorists during Kandahar hijack episode in 1999-2000.

"Advani agreed to release the terrorists and subjected his cabinet colleague Jaswant Singh to the humiliation of having to personally escort terrorists during Kandahar episode to their safe haven," he added.

Singh further added that his government did not negotiate with terrorists the after Mumbai terror attacks.

In a reference to Advani's pro-Jinnah comments, Singh said the BJP leader `offended' every Indian.

"I will not say things in Pakistan that offend every Indian and then abandon my stand when it becomes politically inconvenient within my party," he added. (ANI)