Lucid announces second Air recall to fix wiring issue in Glass Cockpit Instrument Panel

Lucid announces second Air recall to fix wiring issue in Glass Cockpit Instrument Panel

American electric vehicle manufacturer Lucid Group has announced a new recall for the all-electric Air sedan to fix an ethernet wiring issue in the Glass Cockpit instrument panel. The recall, which has been listed on the official website of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA), the Lucid Air electric sedan’s harness could possibly be inappropriately secured on both Dream Edition and Grand Touring electric models. However, the number of affected cars remains unknown. Some reports suggest that as many as 1,117 units of the Lucid Air could be affected by the issue.

According to the information provided by the manufacturer, disabled display screens (due to potential improper wiring) will not reveal important details like the speedometer, warning lights, and gear selection indicators. This could possibly put the driver and other occupants of the vehicle in a dangerous situation, escalating the risk of an accident.

Lucid has already sent out emails to owners of the Air electric sedan. Owners of impacted electric sedans are being advised by the manufacturer to contact the company and its dealerships to have the ethernet wiring harness of their vehicles inspected at any nearby Lucid Service Center. If required, the harness will be properly secured or replaced without charging any fee from the owners. The inspection of the wiring will likely take just around 30 minutes, though a complete replacement may consume as many as 8 hours.

A customer who received an email and contacted a nearby Lucid Service Center confirmed that the fix takes only a few minutes. He said, “Literally all that’s needed are some zip ties to make sure the Ethernet wiring harness is secured.”

As per emerging reports, the manufacturer has already started making adjustments to the yet to be delivered units of the Air sedan. Some previous reports had also hinted about it. Recent factory flyovers have shown fewer EVs waiting to be delivered to customers, and reservation holders are experiencing VIN assignment delays due to final inspection.

Owners can either contact their local Lucid Service Center or reach out to Lucid Group’s Customer Care department at 1-888-99-LUCID. They can also reach customer care via email by visiting the website.

This is the second recall issued by Newark, California-headquartered Lucid since it started delivering the all-electric sedan to customers. The first recall was related to an issue in the front suspension system of the vehicle.