‘Love Story 2050’ Launches Its Merchandise For Kids

Sometimes movie publicities can be a child’s play, well at least, that is the Priyanka Chopra & Harman Bawejacase quite genuine with ‘Love Story 2050,’ which will hit the cinema halls on July 4.

However, the film’s merchandise aimed at keeping kids happy is ready to hit stores shortly.

Adlabs and Baweja
Moviestogether with Cartoon Network Enterprises introduced a whole line up of
LoveStory 2050 merchandise at an event held in Mumbai.

The product line consist
of soft toys, colouring books, comics, home furnishings and even apparel and novelty,
a quantum jump from the limited film merchandising that Bollywood has come up
with so far as seen with films like ‘Krrish.’

Keeping true to the science
fiction idea the toys are interactive robots, Spy gadgets, hovercraft, special
masks etc. that have been specifically sourced and made for the film.

Priyanka said, “This is Boo (soft toy), my best friend in the movie and he is very cute. And I wish that every girl has one.”

And all that support is not just for ‘Boo’, but for her debutant co-star, Harman Baweja also.

Harman said, “When you have a senior actor who has been a friend for so long, she takes it upon herself to point out your mistakes and say you did that badly, or you did this wrong, or you could have done this better.”

“So it’s almost like having your father, your mother, Priyanka, or your sister and then the entire unit telling you what to do every time, which in a way is good because they are only doing it for my own good,” he added.

With such a broad range of products that are all promoting the movie, the showmen have discovered another way of assuring that the film stays on audience’ mind even outside the movie halls.