Los Angeles County district attorney’s office to review and decide whether to charge Caitlyn Jenner

Last month, it was revealed that Caitlyn Jenner, who has undergone gender reassignment surgery in April, may face manslaughter charges that were brought against her as a result of a fatal car crash in Malibu earlier this year. Caitlyn now fears that if she is found guilty then she could be sent a men's prison.

In an interview broadcast, Caitlyn Jenner said that it would be a big problem if the authorities concerned will put her, a trans-gender woman, in a men's county jail. While legal experts do not think that Jenner could face lifetime imprisonment.

LA County sheriff's officials were of the view that on February 7, Jenner was driving quite fast when her Cadillac Escalade rear-ended Kim Howe's Lexus throwing it into oncoming traffic and caused the driver's death.

Authorities have said that Jenner was within the speed limit, he was moving too fast for the road conditions on that day. The Los Angeles County district attorney's office has said that it will go through the investigators' report and decide whether they should charge Jenner.

On the other hand, Jenner has said that it is such a tragedy, which one cannot forget. Only thing can be done is to live with it in the best manner. Jenner has said that it was a devastating tragedy and also affirmed that she has been praying from the family of Howe.