LG Phones To offer Google Services

LG ElectronicsNow users will enjoy Google services on LG mobile phones. Both the companies have declared a universal association to pre-install Google’s services on LG handsets.

The affiliation will permit LG’s phone users to search for information, discover locations, update web logs and manage email while on the move.

LG phones with Google products and services, such as Google Maps, Gmail and Blogger will be transported internationally to Europe, North America and Asia from the second quarter of 2007. LG and Google will mutually promote LG-Google handsets.

These mobile phones will embrace one click entrée to Google search by way of an icon in the application menu. Its added features consist of Google Maps™ for cell phone, Gmail for mobile, a function permitting users to purview maps and satellite imagery, discover local businesses, and find driving directions, a Java-based function for extra pace, expediency and practicality to the mobile Gmail experience and Blogger Mobile.

According to a release, LG plans to make handsets pre-installed with Google’s products and services for the next few years with at least ten new handsets in 2007.

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