Legal Formalities Postpones Sanjay’s Release

Sanjay DuttMumbai/Pune: The Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt was forced to spend one more day in detention as the official procedure for his liberation in the Special TADA court took a full day on Wednesday.

Though the Supreme Court granted Dutt temporary bail on Monday, his attorneys managed to procure a certified copy of the order only on Tuesday evening. The order, together with the bail bond of Rs 5 lakh, was passed on to the court on Wednesday.

Pankaj Karbanda and film maker Nitin Manmohan, Dutt’s closest friends, were there in the courtroom to stand as guarantors. The court personnel then had to make a memorandum expressing that Sanjay had fulfilled his lawful formalities.

Today, Sanjay’s attorneys will reach Yerawada detention center at 11 am.

Satish Maneshinde, Dutt’s lawyer said, “We will go to Yerawada jail with the court order and the memo tomorrow morning at 11. The jail authorities can release him any time between 12 pm and 5 pm.”

In the meantime, the court employees are also doing their bit to assure Dutt’s release. “As per procedure, we will fax a copy of the memo and the order to the Yerawada jail on Thursday morning,” alleged deputy registrar V V Gavas.

The other blasts accused who were granted interim bail by the SC—Zaibunnisa Kadri, Yusuf Nullwala, Aziz Ahmed, Sameer Hingora and Ibrahim Musa Chauhan alias Baba Chauhan—also paid their bail bonds on Wednesday.

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