Legal complaints against Apple dropped by Norway

Legal complaints against Apple dropped by Norway It has recently come to vision that Norway has dropped its legal complaints against Apple, which it made in 2006. The confirmation came on Wednesday from the official sources.

Earlier, when the legal hammer was thrown by Nordic powerhouse upon Apple, even the Consumer Ombudsman Bjorn Erik Thon was involved in the whole issue, and it is quite well known that when Bjorn gets involved, things get negotiated.

It was reported by the Norwegian paper Aftenposten at the time, "Thon told TV 2 that his phone has already begun to ring regularly with long-distance calls from Apple's 'well-paid lawyers."

For the next two years, Thon and Cupertino battled it out from across the globe and things got so messed up at one point that Thon laid the smack down, saying, "We have received an answer from iTunes, but it was an answer that didn't add anything of substance."

But it should be noted that not much could be done by the Market Council and finally on Wednesday, Thon concluded that they are left with no reason to pursue them anymore.

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