Lease prices for 2023 Nissan Ariya fall as low as $199 per month

Lease prices for 2023 Nissan Ariya fall as low as $199 per month

Japanese automobile brand Nissan Motor Company recent price adjustments have made the Nissan Ariya electric SUV’s leasing incredibly affordable, marking it as one of the most enticing EV leasing deals available nationwide in the United States. The offer presents an alluring prospect for residents in major metropolitan areas like New York City (NYC), Washington D.C., Jersey City, Baltimore, and Boston. In all of these areas, leasing for the introductory 2023 Nissan Ariya Engage FWD now starts at an attractive $199 per month for a period of 18 months, accompanied by an upfront payment of $4,379.

The initial payment comprises a consumer down payment of $4,180 coupled with the first month's installment of $199, as sourced from Nissan's official website. The effective monthly cost after the down payment amounts to $442.

The SignatureFlex lease comes bundled with notable savings totaling more than $10,000, which includes $9,280 in lease cash and $1,000 in bonus cash. Furthermore, a $1,000 Loyalty Cash incentive awaits those who currently own or lease a Nissan or Infiniti-branded vehicle, with no trade-in obligation.

Based on a starting price tag of $45,080, inclusive of destination charges, the lease agreement permits for an annual mileage cap set at 10,000 miles. Any mileage surpassing this threshold incurs an additional charge of $0.25 per mile. The 2023 Nissan Ariya Engage Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) comes equipped with a 63-kWh battery pack that offers an EPA-estimated driving range of 216 miles on a single charge.

In the aforementioned targeted regions along the East Coast of the North American nation, those who is interested in leasing the EV has a limited time period to avail the opportunity. As this offer boasts limited availability, interested people are strongly advised to quickly contact their local Nissan dealerships for exact inventory details before the chance slips away. The new lease deal is undoubtedly attractive, marking a unique chance for residents in the given cities to access a highly sought-after e-SUV at an unprecedented price point. However, because of its restricted availability, time is of the essence for those eager to capitalize on this extraordinary opportunity.

Notably, the automaker’s ongoing leasing promotion demonstrates regional disparities, as it specifically lists only the aforementioned cities as eligible locations. Thus, it is prudent to check the automaker’s official website by entering ZIP code to ascertain if any other city has been included in this exclusive offer.

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